... Generate a new income stream by making deliveries with your bike, tricycle, car, cargo, trailer etc...

We empower drivers with the delivery orders the need to put their vehicles to use in order to generate income. We as well enable them to obtain funding in purchase new vehicles so as to improve on their delivery activities.DOWNLOAD OUR DELIVERY APP

GPS Direction

Get accurate direction to all pickup and delivery destinations with real time google map trackers

Payments & Wallet

Easily process payments from all mobile money and debit card providers and get the funds in your CTNEX wallet

Business Loans

Access quick bank loans to ínance all your logistics business with ease

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Ready to start driving for CTNEX ?

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Round the clock pickup & drop-off as per your demand

Payment Methods

All payment methods accepted with accurate and very cheap per km delivery cost

Live Tracking

Track your orders and deliveries in real-time via google maps


Different sizes of vehicles based on your order size and delivery location for excellent delivery service